Corona Update 14-05-2020:

The last week we have had kids practice on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning. It was a success, all the kids enjoyed themselves and had great fun. As of 11 may senior members are also allowed to have practice again, under strict rules that is. We have made a training schedule and Thursday evening (tonight) the ZaMi team will kick off senior practice.

Since we are dealing with strict regulations and protocol the number of players per training session has a max of 24 people. Be sure that you register for the training.

To be allowed to have practice, we need to have volunteers for specific corona tasks. We need a Corona Supervisor for every practice, Volunteer(s) to set up material before practice and clean up after practice. For senior practice the team captain will appoint the corona supervisor for each training. For youth practice parents are more then welcome to fill in corona supervisor duty. During the supervising you can enjoy watching the children have practice.

Besides that we are still looking for volunteers for various roles. Among other things, the technical committee, sponsor committee, youth cricket, material /terrain and accommodation. So feel free to register to assist your club.  Note that we are a club which exist on the effort made by its members. We trust all members or parents to have an active role within the club and volunteer.

In any case, the following regulations and protocol apply to the training:

  • everyone is expected to adhere strictly to the corona regulations & protocols. This is strictly monitored, by the Corona Supervisor, the Board and by officials of the Municipality. The fines are high!
  • practice is only available to members who have paid their membership fees
  • practice is only allowed with a Corona Supervisor present
  • members can only train in the timeslot they have registered for
  • youth Practice are given by a trainer.
  • senior Practice will be arranged among the group
  • 13 years or older, keep 1,5 meter distance at all times
  • no handshakes, no high fives, no spitting
  • per net max. 3 bowlers and 1 batsman
  • bring your own gear
  • come to the sports location no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of the sports activity
  • when practice is finished leave the venue directly
  • club houses and terraces remain closed until September 1
  • changing rooms are closed
  • get changed and shower at home wash your hands before, during, and after training
  • cough or sneeze in your elbow and use paper tissues
  • stay at home if you have (even mild) cold-like symptoms, such as a sore throat, a runny nose, sneezing, a mild cough, or a fever
  • stay at home if someone in your household has a fever (above 38C°) and/or shortness of breath

Under the applicable rules it is possible to organize training matches amongst each other. The Board and the Technical Committee want to facilitate as much cricket on the fields as possible.  But in order to play matches, we need a pitch.

Therefore we would like to let the members vote on the decision to put the pitch in or not.

Installing the pitch is a big expense so we would like to let the members co decide.

If we install the pitch we are able to play two or three T20 matches on Saturdays and Sundays or during weekdays in the evening. If we choose not to install the pitch we can’t play matches but we can still use the nets and have some budget left for expenses the next season.

All members will receive an email this Friday which allows them to vote on this decision.

Looking forward on seeing you on practice!

Best Regards,
Hilversumsche Cricket Club Board

Update 01-05-2020:

Kids Cricket is starting on Wednesday and Saturday!!

We are delighted to inform kids cricket will be played:

Wednesday: 16:30 – 18:00: T&R/U9/U11 & 18:30 – 20:30: U13 t/m U17
Saturday: 10:00 – 11:30: T&R/U9/U11 & 13:00 – 15:00: U13 t/m U17

First training will start on wednesday 06-05-2020.

Please ensure you register your child by completing this online form

We have several trainers / volunteers for the sessions, and as a club we will ensure adhering to the regulations outlined by the government.

For information over our Covid-19 policy (in Dutch) please make sure to click here


Corona Update 01-04-2020:

Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus tegen te gaan en een onhoudbare druk op de zorg te voorkomen, heeft het kabinet gisteravond de bestaande maatregelen verlengd. Zo is onder andere bepaald dat alle sportaccommodaties zeker tot en met 28 april gesloten zullen blijven. In ieder geval tot en met 28 april blijft het ook verboden om bijeenkomsten te organiseren. Het verbod op het houden van vergunningsplichtige evenementen is gehandhaafd tot de eerder gekozen datum van 1 juni. In de week vóór 28 april beoordeelt het kabinet wat er voor de periode daarna nodig is.

Als gevolg van de door de overheid opgelegde maatregelen is de Hilversumsche Cricket Club met ingang van zondag 15 maart 18:00 tot 28 april op slot. Dit als maatregel om verspreiding van het Corona-virus (Covid-19) verder in te dammen. Er zijn dus geen trainingen, geen vergaderingen en geen andere bijeenkomsten.

Clubhuis en accommodatie zijn sowieso tot 28 april voor iedereen gesloten.

Ook al onze commissies is geadviseerd vergaderingen telefonisch te laten plaatsvinden.
Over club-activiteiten die na 28 april op de planning staan wordt de komende periode beslist.

Het clubbestuur heeft regelmatig (via teleconferenties) contact met elkaar. Als er aanleiding toe is, bijvoorbeeld vanwege nieuwe afgekondigde overheidsmaatregelen, zal dat overleg eventueel geïntensiveerd worden.

Mochten daar maatregelen uitrollen die voor jullie als lid van de club van belang zijn dan laten we dat uiteraard direct weten.

Heb je toch nog vragen mail dan naar

Hilversumsche Cricket Club Covid-19 Statement 25-03-2020

“Everyone in the Netherlands feels the consequences of the government measures taken in order to combat the Coronavirus, as do we in the sports community. We all contribute, in our own way, as much as we can to the containment and delaying of the spreading of this virus, so that we can shield the people in higher risk categories as good as possible”.

This text was published on the NOC*NSF website, a message the Hilversumsche Cricket Club and the KNCB strongly support. For more information about the current situation in the Netherlands and across the world, the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) provides (daily) updates.

The Dutch 2020 cricket season and the Coronavirus

At this moment all sporting activities – training sessions, matches, meetings and events – have been cancelled until at least 6 April due to the Coronavirus outbreak. There is a possibility that this measure is going to be extended.

This will likely affect the cricket season, to what extent is not yet clear. The KNCB are currently discussing these matters with partners, including the KNVB and the ICC. However, the situation is changing on a daily basis. The KNCB is working hard on various scenarios with regard to the national leagues, as well as the board of Hilversumsche Cricket Club.

Hilversum leagues

The match schedules (except for ZaMi and youth leagues) are ready, should the season be able to start in early May as planned, provided the grounds are available for cricket at that time. We are in close contact with the Municipality, H.C. & F.C. Victoria and the contractor who installs the pitch.  Should it prove necessary to shorten the season, the aim of the Hilversumsche Cricket Club will be to provide as much cricket as possible for as many teams as possible.

There is a real possibility that the 2020 season will not be as expected for all of us. The Hilversumsche Cricket Club is counting on every members’ understanding. We are  confident that all our members will do their utmost to make it a good and successful season.


Even though the 2020 season might be shorter than expected, the costs for the club continue, or might even be higher as an effect of the Corona Crisis. Therefore we will follow the advice of NOC*NSF & KNCB and collect membership fees as normal.

We are doing our utmost to keep the costs as low as possible, but certain costs are inevitable. We are in contact with suppliers like the municipality (Gemeente Hilversum) to see whether they can help us by not collecting or deferring rental payments and / or providing financial support.

The municipality is not able to predict what will happen in the near future and wants to wait and see how everything develops. They do want the best for all and are open for dialogue if, for example, the season is shortened. And so are we.

Stay safe. #stayathome

CANCELED!!! Seizoens Opening 5 april 2020 CANCELED!!!

canceled new season


CANCELED!!! Pool Night 14 maart 2020 CANCELED!!!

Poolnight Canceled